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DBC International is the wholesale branch within Beter Bed Holding. Thanks to years of experience in developing high-quality mattresses, box springs, bed bases and pillows, the success of the brands M line, Wave by M line reaches far beyond national borders. Through an international dealer network and a select group of Beter Bed (NED/BEL) and Sangjätten (SWE) stores, DBC International is currently bringing its sleep products into the market.

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M line
Mline Sleep well. Move better.

M line has been developed for everyone who wants to get the most out of the night and perform optimally during the day. Top athletes, physiotherapists and hospitals agree: an M line sleep system offers the ultimate pressure reduction and perfect ergonomic support. The products of M line excel in their excellent support, great pressure reduction and good ventilation. A night’s rest with M line contributes to a faster recovery of body and mind. Top performances do not come naturally.

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M line
Wave by M line Go your own Wave!

Wave is a smartly constructed foam mattress that forms to the body. By turning over the different layers of the mattress, you can determine whether it is a soft or form mattress. Both Wave and its sister Wave Light make you go your own Wave!

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M line
Business Collection

DBC is excited to bring many years of experience in developing mattresses, sleeping systems and pillows to the business market. Our expert team of specialists will provide your hotel, park or real estate project with a customised bedroom range. We provide first-class advice and quality, so you can offer every guest a five-star experience.

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